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Merced National Wildlife Refuge offers a collection of native plant and animal species that are on display for all to see. With an average of 3.7 million visitors a year, visitors can enjoy the observation of more than 1,000 birds, reptiles, mammals, amphibians and birds of prey. Visitors can come to the refuge for the first time in their lives and see a variety of animals, from birds and mammals to reptiles and insects. The Mercedes County Fair serves the local population and residents of the region, with a wide range of arts and crafts, food, entertainment and entertainment, as well as a children's market.

See native wildlife at the Applegate Zoo and take a train tour of the Merced National Wildlife Refuge.

If you're a film fan, there's no better place to spend an afternoon virtually than the Merced Museum of Contemporary Art. Take a tour of the museum's vast collection of films, books and artworks, and even watch an avant-garde movie before changing your PJs. Explore curator - conceived programs such as film screenings, art exhibitions and special events, as well as interactive exhibits.

The museum is dedicated to mineral extraction and how it impacts the environment and the future of California. It's a must-see - check out the station for anyone interested in the history of mining in Merced County.

The museum's permanent collection includes more than 100,000 artifacts from Merced County's mining and mining history. They also offer school-related tours for hundreds of students a year and offer a museum shop in addition to the museum itself.

One of the most exciting activities in Merced is a ride on California 99, the main highway through the city from the San Joaquin Valley. Leave the freeway on Main Street and follow the sign for two miles to Castle Air Force Base. Turn left onto Castle Road and turn left at the Buhach Road exit to re-enter California99 north of Mercedes. Continue a few more miles on the highway to the exit for Interstate 5 in Atwater, then continue north on I-5 to the intersection with Interstate 80 and continue on this highway into the City of Atwaters. From there, turn right onto Interstate 880 and exit at I / 880, then left onto I / 80 until you leave I-80 and return to California 98.

While most of the aircraft on display are owned by the US Air Force Museum, funds for maintenance and repair are provided by the National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. and the California Air Force. Turn left onto Interstate 880 and exit at I / 80 until you leave I-80 and return to California 98 north of Merced.

Entrance to the museum is free of charge and closed on Mondays, Tuesdays and major holidays, but open on Saturdays and Sundays.

Check out past events, including the Foundation Work Exhibition at the University of Art Galleries (UAG), and follow them on Instagram for student interviews and other visual content. Visit UC Merced Arts "streamed events on its Instagram page and Levitt's AMP concerts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for live performances and other events. For more information about the university's art galleries and exhibitions, visit its Facebook page. Follow UGA on Twitter and Instagram (@ UAG _ Art _ Galleries) for student interviews, more pictures and content, and on social media.

Visit the UCR Arts YouTube channel and view the digital collection on the Merced County Museum of Art's Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram pages.

The personal MFA art exhibition has been cancelled for COVID-19, but you can explore virtually all M FA projects here. Online exhibits include works by the legendary makeup artist and Merced County Museum of Art member, the makeup artist legend, and more.

At the Merced Agricultural Museum, you can see ancient agricultural tools, visit a smithy, learn more about how farmers lived and worked before the valley was settled, and learn how they worked in the present day. Visitors to the museum can explore the extensive collection of agricultural and artifacts of the museum and view the permanent and rotating exhibits that depict the history of agriculture in the Central Valley from the early 19th century to the mid-20th century. Visit of the agricultural area of the present day with a visit of the farmhouse, barns, farmhouses and agricultural tools of the local farmers.

The museum is located in the three-story District Courthouse, built in 1875 and designed by the architect and architect of the Merced County Courthouse in San Francisco. The museum houses a collection of artifacts from the great Italian courthouse, built in 1875. Other attractions include the Atwater Women's Club, built on land donated by Edna Thompson Bloss, and the Bloss Memorial Library, built in 1925 in memory of George Thompson Bloss and now housing the library and archive of his family and friends, and built on land on the site of a land grant. Housed in one of the oldest historic buildings in California, it bears the name of its original owner, the city of Mercedes.

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